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Bookshelves update! ❤️

and all books are in hard bound. O.o <3

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Sino nagamit ng samsung laptop sainyo? pano aayusin to? paulit ulit kasi eh. ayaw naman maayos.

Uhmmm… Yes, i’m a the vampire diaries fan. 😌 #tvd


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  • me: my arm hurts
  • mom: it's the computer
  • me: my eyes hurt
  • mom: it's the computer
  • me: i have a nosebleed
  • mom: it's the computer
  • me: i have a fever
  • mom: are you sure it's not the heat from the computer
  • me: im pregnant
  • mom: its the computer
  • me: i feel down the stairs &amp; hurt my tailbone
  • mom: the computer pushed you didnt it

All time fav. 🎶

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